Frequently Asked Questions

Are Barrels Returnable? We receive very few barrels from S&W, always from their latest production. However, we cannot check the rifling twist rate on these barrels. Therefore, unless the barrel you purchase has material or construction defects, ALL BARREL SALES ARE FINAL.

It's been 5 days, and the shipping option I chose said 2-5 days. Where's my stuff?
That's the USPS's estimated shipping time. It doesn't take into account our time to process the order, weather considerations, postal employee strikes, acts of war, or riot.

Is Product XXXX in stock?
If you can add it to your shopping cart, it's in stock. If there's a button that says you can be notified when this product is back in stock, it's not in stock.

Will you sponsor my match?
We do our best to support the shooting sports by sponsoring matches, but we cannot help everyone who asks for it. Ask early.

Why does my order status still says "Pending"?
The shop is on dial-up internet and it takes far too long for us to update the status, so we don't. If there's a problem with your order you will be notified. Otherwise, your order will ship within 3 business days.

OOPS! I forgot to add this to my cart, can you add it to my order?
No. Visa and MasterCard regulations forbid us from upcharging a previously authorized amount. If you need something added to the order, we'll have to get the entire credit card number from you, and it will take an extra day or two.

Will the .45 magwell work on my M&P 9/40/357?

HELP! My super cool new magwell won't work with the factory base pads. What do I do?
The only basepads that are compatible with our magwells are the SSS ESP/CDP basepads, and the Taran Tactical or Taylor Freelance extensions.

When using a magazine extension, do you use the factory base pad locking plate or just let the spring rest in the bottom of the extension?
The spring just sits in the extension, locking plates aren't used.

Why can't I call you?
You can. Ask for the phone number. But it's better to email us.

Why won't you answer the phone?
We run a fully functional machine shop. We don't have time to sit by the phone and wait for it to ring, nor do we have time to chat about every match you've ever shot. You might get lucky and we'll answer, but if we don't, leave a message. We can't call you back if you don't leave a message. Email us.

How long before you call me back?
It could take a few days. Email us.

I can't tell the difference between the guide rods, which one do I order?
Product #'s 1187 & 1508 are for 4.25"; & 5"; guns. 1678 & 1669 are for 5"; guns.

Is product XXXX legal for IDPA/USPSA/My chosen division?
To find this out we would have to read the rule book. We're busy, so help us out and read the rule book yourself.

Well where do I find a rule book?
Check the USPSA or IDPA website.

How do I find the IDPA or USPSA website?
Do an internet search.

Do you offer a print catalog?
No. We add and remove parts daily, so it isn't feasible for us to have a printed catalog.

Can you do a trigger job for me?
We no longer do any type of gunsmithing work. We recommend Dan Burwell for M&P work.

When will XXXX be back in stock?
Sign up for the notification and you'll get an email as soon as we have them ready to ship. Seriously, it's the easiest way.

I emailed you a couple of times and haven't gotten a response. What's up?
Could be any number of things. 1.If you asked a question that's on this list of FAQ's, we won't reply to your email. That's the point of this list. 2. If you asked a technical question that we don't know the answer to, we're probably checking into it. Those things take time. 3. We forgot to reply. It happens. Frequently.

I need to return something, how do I do that?
Email us. If we receive a return package without an RA #, WE WILL RETURN IT TO THE SENDER.

I ordered 40 product X's but only received 20. The product still shows "in stock" in your website. Why did I get less?
We reserve the right to limit the quantity of any product sold. If the numbers in your order are changed, so will what your credit card is charged.

Do you know if I can find this solid/coil pin at my local hardware store?
We have no idea what your local hardware store has in stock, you'll have to ask them!