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National Rifle Association

Brian Enos Forum - Great Site For Competition Info

Smith & Wesson Forum, Great Site For S&W Info

Smith & Wesson Corporate Site

United States Practical Shooting Association

International Defensive Pistol Association

Steel Challenge

Georgia Sport Shooting Association

M&P Mag Safety Removal Instructions

Practical Machinist Forum

Smith & Wesson Club 1852

Freddie Mercs Glock Wercs - Glock Armorer

SBR Precision Ammunition - Tracer, Lead Free and Custom Rimfire Ammunition

Julie Golob's Web Site

Hatfield Gunsmithing

Hot Gun Shots, Excellent Photography for the Shooting Industry

Classifier Calculator for USPSA Classifiers

AMU-MGM Junior Shooters Camp

Smith & Wesson Owners Manuals - Free Downloads

M&P Trigger Job DIY Instructions

S&W Model 41 Maintenance Info

Use of Force Academy - Self-Defense and Trauma First Aid Classes